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Solar Walls as solar enhanced insulation systems

This variant of the Solar Wall works like the atmosphere of the earth - with the well known greenhouse effect. But this time it is beneficial to our environment! A second transparent glass skin covers the whole building facade. The sun penetrates into an opaque, absorbing honeycomb structure - serving also as thermal insulation - and heats up the whole skin layer. Thus the temperature difference between inside and ambient is cancelled. Even in winter daytime the building is within a warm environment and does not loose energy. The walls approach a zero balance for heat. During the summer the building does not become excessively warm either - the honeycomb structures shade themselves for high solar altitude.

Office building, Erfurt, Refurbishment
(Photo: gap-solar GmbH)

The "Solar Wall as enhanced insulation system" is not a heating system like the "Solar Wall with heat storage", however, in this version the sun is working as an "insulation amplifier". It is especially suited for lightweight and wooden constructions - a massive wall is not required. The prefabricated panels can be used for all orientations south to north.

The three variants of
Transparently Insulated Solar Walls:

Solar Wall
     as heat storage

Integrated in a facade insulation system   it does not only reduce thermal losses by insulation, but heats the building as well by using sun's energy !

Solar Wall
     as daylighting system

Daylight without glare, no necessity for rollers, Venetian blinds or artificial lighting. Daylighting systems save electrical power and protect the environment!

Solar Wall
     as enhanced insulation system
Glazed solar walls utilize the energy of the sun to provide a warm second coat for the building and thus reduce the heat losses or even prevent them totally!

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